5 Coffee Recipe Ideas to Spice Up Your Mornings

Coffee is the favorite morning drink for more than half of people worldwide. But do you really know how to prepare a good cup of coffee?

We bring you five delicious coffee preparations that are super easy to make. So that you can add a little twist to your morning coffee drinking and our favorite single-origin coffee picks.

For all these recipes, you'll need a good espresso shot. Use a Moka coffee maker to prepare your coffee shot, or go grab one down the street – that should only take about 5 minutes.

#1 Swiss Mochaccino Coffee

Mochaccino espresso: Milk coffee with chocolate

A Swiss mochaccino coffee has the perfect bitter-sweet balance between coffee and chocolate. Perfect for lovers of both drinks.

Now, the trick is in the coffee. What is the best coffee type for this recipe? Guatemalan Coffee because its dark chocolate notes will nicely complement your mochaccino. 


  • One part of espresso
  • One part of chocolate syrup
  • Two parts of steamed milk

Blending the ingredients and serving your mochaccino should take about 2 minutes.

#2 Affogato: Espresso Over Ice Cream

Affogato coffee, vanilla ice cream or gelato over espresso

An Affogato is amazing to spoil yourself from time to time if you're a gelato lover. The affogato is sweet but strong, combining the classic vanilla ice cream with the powering-up coffee deliciousness.


  • A cup of ice cream
  • A shot of espresso
  • A bit of caramel syrup
  • A few nuts

To prepare it, pour your espresso over the ice cream, topping your preparation with the caramel and nuts.

Pure Ethiopian Coffee's milk chocolate, caramel, and fruit notes are an excellent choice for this recipe.

#3 Latte: Milk Coffee

Latte caffè or milk coffee

Every day is a great day to go simple with a classic milk coffee, or everyone's favorite, a caffè latte.

We like to prepare it with authentic Costa Rican Coffee to enjoy its tasting notes: sweet apple, raisin, and honey.


  • A half cup of steamed milk
  • A half cup of espresso

Mix half a cup of hot coffee with equal milk for a perfect, well-balanced drink.

#4 Macchiato Espresso

Macchiato, espresso with milk foam

A macchiato coffee can be an excellent twist for espresso lovers. It gives an edge to your regular espresso by adding foamed milk.

We like to use Brazilian coffee for this recipe due to its cocoa notes and intense flavor.


  • A half cup of foamed milk
  • A half cup of espresso

Pour your foamed milk over the espresso, and your macchiato will be ready to drink; enjoy yourself!

#5 Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee or espresso with cinnamon

Turkish coffee making strengthens the coffee flavor with cinnamon.

The chocolate, cinnamon, and green apple notes of Mexican Coffee make it an ideal candidate for this preparation.


  • Cinnamon powder
  • An espresso shot
  • Some sugar

Prepare an exotic Turkish coffee by sprinkling in cinnamon powder and sugar. Blend your preparation to ensure you mix your ingredients well.