Grind levels Depending on Coffee Brewing Type

How to Grind Coffee Whole Beans

What type of grind should I choose when buying Kikos Coffee?

Standard grind levels are (from most coarse to most fine):  French Press Grind, Percolator Grind, Auto Drip Grind, Fine Grind, Espresso Grind, Turkish Grind.

Kikos Coffee Type of Grinds

Auto Drip Grind 

For standard, modern drip coffee makers.  This is the most common grind type. The grind consistency should be similar to standard granulated sugar.

Percolator Grind

These are for the old fashioned style "percolator" coffee makers that most people used during the 1950's through 1970's.  They are still sold today, but not widely used. Percolator grind is coarser than "auto drip", but not as coarse as "French Press" grind.

French Press Grind

This is a coarse grind for use in a french press or press pot.  The coarser grind prevents the coffee grounds from seeping through the mesh screen of the press.  French Press grind also works well for use in vacuum coffee makers and for use with a cold brew method of brewing.

Fine Grind

This is a finer ground coffee intended for use with most home espresso machines.

Espresso Grind

This grind is a very fine grind intended for use with commercial espresso machines.  Generally it is too fine for use with most home espresso machines.

Turkish Grind

This is an extremely fine grind (rarely used in the U.S.) that grinds the bean into a very fine powder.  Some European and Asian countries make their coffee in this style.


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