Kikos Coffee & Tea is one with Toasted Flats!

We merged to power up! Kikos Coffee & Tea and Toasted Flats will bring your morning coffee together. We are now part of the same business family.

This new development means good news for everyone involved.

  • Kikos Coffee and Tea multiplies its reach and availability. Now, we'll share our organic and ethically sourced coffee and tea with more people than ever!
  • Toasted Flats, our long-term partner, enriches its offers with our products.
  • And, as a customer, you'll soon get exciting new products, better deals, and more pick-up locations in Boston.

About Toasted Flats

Toasted Flats provides healthy, fresh food while keeping it chill with all their customers.

In 2017, they founded the company to provide high-quality flatbreads in a non-traditional way.

They stand out in Boston with their quick service and pleasing experience for customers and employees.

Kikos Coffee and Tea's Origins

Kikos Coffee and Tea is the #1 LGBTQ+ and minority-owned Coffee and Tea company in the USA.

In 2018, Kikos started as a family business with a mission to unite people over a cup of coffee or tea.

We Stay a Minority-Owned and LGTBQ+ Certified

Some fundamental parts of Kikos are our community and values. 

  • We still are a minority-owned company.
  • We still comply as an LGTBQ+ Certified business.
  • We'll keep ethically sourcing our products.
  • We'll always be compromised with social causes.

Always on Your Table

Kikos' coffee and tea will keep warming your heart with delicious flavors and exotic aromas.