Kikos Coffee & Tea Foundation

Everyday should be the day to thank those around us. Our family and friends, clients, vendors, colleagues, even those that have challenged us in the way, because thanks to all of them, we are who we are now. Even though showing appreciation can be enough, we believe that helping those around us and impacting our communities in a positive way we can achieve great things in society. This is why we created Kikos Coffee Foundation. Thank you so much for being part of the Kikos Coffee & Tea family. With your support we have been able to impact hundreds of people in the United states and Colombia.


How do we give back?

Shop, Donate and Save

Shop your favorite coffee/tea or accessories. When adding your items to cart, you have the option to donate. Learn about the non-profits scrolling down and clicking on the videos. Save 10% of your entire order, the best of all is that you are giving back!

Giving Back - Colombia

We are partnering with Impact-U foundation to help educate those in need from vulnerable communities in Colombia. We are active volunteers and also support financially. (

Giving Back - USA

COVID-19 has affected us all. We have donated more than 500 lbs of coffee in 2020 to those in need partnering with multiple organizations such as YMCA, Women's Lunch Place, Basil Tree Catering, City of Boston and much more.

Local Social Responsibility

At check out using any payment method you can Make your order carbon neutral supporting the Tri-City Forest Project; a Spruce forest in Massachusetts that captures over 100,000 metric tonnes of harmful carbon dioxide every year. With sustainable forest management, this ideal forest ecosystem offers the least expensive natural filter for the drinking water that serves three cities.


Social Responsibility 

For every order purchased through Shop Pay, along with our partners we will offset all delivery emissions. 

Every time we ship via UPS, we always use the option to offset carbon emissions. 
Offsets are not a perfect solution—but they’re a necessary tool. We always try to find ways to give back, if you have any suggestion, please contact us



Giving Back - Colombia

Impact-U Foundation

IMPACT-U helps and contributes to students from vulnerable communities in Colombia. Our goal is to assist them in reaching their educational goals, by providing the financial assistance and educational resources needed to complete the undergraduate program and ultimately obtain a college degree. Promoting personal development helps build a stronger society.


Giving Back - USA

Voces Latinas

Voces Latinas aims to reduce the rate of HIV transmission and violence among immigrant Latinas by empowering, educating, and providing leadership and advocacy training to enable them to make healthier decisions for themselves and their families. Through collaborative relationships, we connect immigrant Latinas with culturally and linguistically sensitive services to address their immediate needs, which allows them to identify with their risk for HIV/AIDS.