Dark Chocolate & Coffee Bundle - A Match Made in Heaven!

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Dark Chocolate & Coffee Bundle - A Match Made in Heaven!

Five North Chocolate & Kikos Coffee & Tea has partnered to bring you the best matching experience; Chocolate & Coffee!

Picture yourself in a remote and quiet place “your zen place” where you can only hear the sound of nature; birds chirping, a river next to you and an amazing sunrise. You are next to the people you care about. You are holding a cup of coffee and you're smelling the aroma of colombian mountains coming out the cup. Right next to it, you have dark chocolate pieces. You close your eyes and decide to try one and a sip of coffee at the same time. You hear how the chocolate snaps when you bite it and experience a new world that perfectly aligns your zen with your senses. 

First, select the size, type of roast and grind. Second, place your order. 6 pouches of Five North Chocolate will be shipped, too.

When you order the bundle you will get: 

Five North Chocolate: (Our chocolate snacks are proudly plant-based, low in sugar, and made with Fair Trade Certified™ cacao)

6 pouches of irresistible, 72% dark snacking chocolate pieces with

  • (2x) 100% organic goji berries
  • (2x) 100% organic pistachio & a hint of sea salt
  • (2x) 100% organic almonds & a hint of cinnamon

Kikos Colombian Coffee: (You will know immediately when smelling our coffee beans that you found the missing link)

  • Any size of the best whole bean or ground coffee

Kikos Coffee & Tea and Five North Chocolate are both Fair Trade and Certified LGBT Business Enterprises®.

When you drink our Coffee and Organic Tea with delicious chocolate, you can feel good about supporting great people doing good things.

Shipping Disclosure: You will receive a separate delivery from Five North Chocolate® and Kikos Coffee & Tea. 

Processing Time is 3 business days via USPS/UPS Standard Shipping.

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