5 Strange Tea Facts That Are Hard to Believe

Tea cultivates billions of loyal lovers in every corner of the world. It has terrific mental and physical health benefits. It is delicious and offers us an excuse to take a moment and enjoy.

But did you know about all the strange, fun facts about tea?

If you didn't, we are here to share five of the craziest, hard-to-believe facts we know!

#1 Emperor Shen Nung discovered tea by accident.

They say, in 2732 BC, Emperor Shen Nung had a massive ball with hot water when a sudden wind blew tea leaves all over the place. When the Emperor felt the inviting, aromatic scent of the tea, he decided to try it… and fell in love with its flavor!

#2 Boiling water actually damages the tea.

Despite common beliefs, tea isn't boiled leaves or "leaf soup."

Instead, boiling water burns tea leaves. This affects the tea chemical composition and takes most of the benefits away from our cups.

But, the perfect temperature varies according to the tea variety you are brewing. So check it out before preparing your favorite cuppa!

#3 Tea was so expensive they kept it locked.

In the XVIII century, tea was a luxury commodity, and only the wealthiest could import it. Back then, people used locked caddies to keep their precious tea safe.

This security measure had two main reasons:

1. Tea owners didn't want it damaged by poor environmental conditions.

2. They didn't want it to get stolen.

#4 There is a British Standard for the Perfect Cup of Tea

Not only do they drink millions of tea cups a day, but they are also picky about how to brew their cuppas.

The British Standards Institution has outlined a process for preparing the perfect cup of tea. Including requirements like, "you need a porcelain pot" and "there must be at least two grams of tea to every 100ml of water."

#5 Modern pagan practitioners use Tea Magic

For some believers of pagan cults and religions, tea is an essential part of their rituals.

From setting intentions for the day while brewing their morning cup of tea to divination, Tea Magic is a thing!

Do you have any other fun facts about tea to share with us?


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