Coffee Tasting 101: Be That Snob Who Knows How to Cup Coffee

Coffee is rich and complex, and we love to drink it; but do we understand the experience? Can we share, or straight out show off, about its taste and how much we know about coffee?

Let us teach you how to taste your coffee and impress your friends and family. Whether you just joined them for a bit of chit-chat, got invited to a coffee cupping event, or want to enjoy coffee by yourself.

Coffee Taste, Aroma & Body

Is my cup of coffee any good?

When talking about coffee quality, it always comes to these three elements: the coffee taste, aroma, and body or texture.

But how do we know what any of those are?

Grab a cup of fresh coffee and follow along to experiment with us!

Tasting cups for coffee cupping in a row

#1 Taste

High-quality coffee is, in essence, complex.

Good coffee shines for having an array of tasting notes. The more different tastes you can perceive in it, the richer your coffee is.

Ask yourself:

How complex is the flavor of my coffee?

#2 Aroma

Taste complexity signals an intricate chemical composition, which also leads us to more pungent smells.

And there we have the coffee aroma.

Often the more pleasing and strong your coffee aroma is, the better its quality.

You can also perceive different notes by smelling your coffee.

Ask yourself:

Does my coffee have a rich smell?

#3 Body

Good coffee has a texture that gives you a pleasing mouthfeel. The key here is, does it have one?

Depending on your coffee type, the texture can and should be different. It does not mean a specific variety is better than another, only a bit different.

Ask yourself:

What does the texture feel like?

Ultimately, coffee quality only means something because it gives us such a delicious experience and sensations.

Take the time to enjoy it: taste it, smell it, feel it, and love it if you think it is a great cup.

Your personal enjoyment is all that matters in the end.

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