"We're Blown!" The US Open Got Cool in 2022 with Kikos' Cold Coffee

It is always perfect timing for great coffee, we know it, and our golf champions too! So, this year the US Open got Kikos' founder and CEO, Juan Arrovaye, to bring cold Colombian coffee to the event.

"I am so excited!" Juan is a big sports fan. "People love our Snapchilled Colombian coffee. I'm sure you never refreshed like this in the US Open before."

Pure Cold Coffee from Colombia

Though he joked, Kikos Snapchilled™ cold coffee is made with innovative nitrogen technology. Nothing we had drunk before, indeed.

The resulting drink is both energizing and refreshing. But what we liked the most is that it has no dilution, oxidation, or additives. It is truly healthy.

That makes them yell from the rooftops that everybody should power up their day with healthier drinks. Because they made it possible!

Healthy Energetic Drinks

"We like to experiment and reinvent ourselves;" that is how they started producing these Snapchilled™ energetic drinks.

They wanted something new: healthier than a soda but fresher than the rest of Kikos' beverages. "It's worked wonders because now the Nitro Cold Tea and Nitro Cold Coffee are our sportspeople's favorites."

Vendors in the US Open in 2022

From June 16th to 19th, all golf lovers had pure coffee to refresh while enjoying the best sports entertainment in the States.

At Kikos Coffee & Tea, they were blown by this exciting opportunity. Golf enthusiasts and professionals were craving their products in the US Open; that made them happier than ever.

"I was blown by people's interest in our drinks... It was truly amazing!"

Partners and Local Economy Support

As Juan told us, Kikos Coffee & Tea supports multiple companies and foundations. It is a core element of their philosophy to strengthen their communities whenever possible.

The US Open was the chance to partner with Ridgewells Catering and Aramark's food services.

"We engage with other business owners constantly; it's a good thing we like to cultivate at Kikos."

Kikos is the first American Coffee and Tea company to be proudly LGTB+ certified.

Their mission keeps guiding them to support the local economy and ensure all their materials are sourced ethically and with minimum environmental impact.

But they have not lost the love and memories of their homeland either. Kikos' owners also celebrate their roots by helping hundreds of people in Colombia through their association with the IMPACT-U foundation.