Magical Benefits of Green Tea: Myth or Truth?

We are tea advocates at heart, but let's get to the bottom of this and decide if we should drink tea for health or the experience. How much truth is in the magical green tea benefits claims?

We cannot discredit all claims about green tea benefits. Because there is scientific evidence suggesting its consumption correlates with cancer, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's prevention.

Which is huge! Because there is also a correlation between consistent green tea usage and a longer lifespan and less anxiety.

Nonetheless, correlation doesn't mean causation. These practical benefits could be caused by factors other than the actual green tea chemical composition.

Drinking Green Tea Works, but They Aren't Sure Why 

In simple words, many of the benefits – especially the mental ones – could come from the drinking process itself, as most people take a moment to drink their tea calmly.

Others suggest the benefits come from a healthy lifestyle. Another factor that many regular green tea drinkers have in common.

However, one thing is valid in all cases. Green tea quality matters.

Decaf Green Tea and Supplements Aren't Your Best Options

The decaffeinating process washes away caffeine along with other nutrients. A misfortune for those with little resistance to caffeine, decaf green tea will have less beneficial effects on their bodies.

Same as with supplements, which don't contain the full range of nutrients your regular warm cup of tea would.

But there is no need to exaggerate here. Half a cup of high-quality green tea every day can be enough to get the desired effects.

Relaxing and Enjoying Your Cup of Green Tea Has Benefits Anyway

Drinking your daily cuppa to slow down and enjoy a little me-time is a sure pathway to relaxation. An excellent practice to encourage calmness and mindfulness.

That's why many psychologists insist that drinking tea, especially if it is pleasurable to the drinker, contributes to the anxiety levels reduction studies have found.

Green tea drinking seems to have many perks. Our favorite of them all is that tea can bring us a moment of peace and wellness. It can definitely help us unplug, thanks to its delicious taste, aroma, and positive associations.